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Birdy by Erik Lorincz

Tasked with developing a new business for his family's manufacturing company, Tetsuya Yokoyama of Toyota City, Japan set out to create the world's best cocktail shaker. 

Employing industry-leading automotive press and polishing technology, Birdy bar tools offer an optimized surface smoothness that actually helps ice move more efficiently, thus helping you make better cocktails. Unpolished metal contains countless jagged peaks. Birdy craftsmen use a 10-step process to reduce the height of these peaks and their sharpness. 

Erik Lorincz has always loved visiting Japan and its acclaimed bar culture and acquiring the finest bar tools. And as fate would have it, one evening in a small bar in Osaka, the man searching the world for the ideal shaker had a drink with the man trying to make the world’s best shaker.


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