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In 2014, OAMC was founded by Canadian designer Luke Meier after spending almost a decade working for Supreme. It blends functionality with innovation in contemporary menswear using premium materials and modern construction techniques. Inspired by the pragmatic approach to design of iconic utilitarian garments of the last century, the brand combines elements of these classic pieces with modern fabrics and components. OAMC also places a strong emphasis on luxurious materials and hardware that are always custom developed exclusively for OAMC in Italy and Japan.

The Spring / Summer 2018 aesthetic was informed by the current state of consciousness. With this mentality very present, the re-working of garments and graphic imagery typically associated with protest movements was initiated, giving them a positive message. Military shapes, functional construction details, sewn badges, performance fabrics, military hardware are all incorporated as well as codes of higher education. Youth from universities represent new thinking and the hope that they can stand up and challenge present day thinking with new ideas and represent progressive change.