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Personal Space in Vines

Regime des Fleurs


Description +

The Personal Space collection combines Rococo Baroque, a flashy 80s mall, and the details of nature to create distinct new fragrances. Vines embodies a Manoa valley rainforest with hints of subtle floral and berry notes.

  • Chartreuse, coral
  • Ingredients: Healing herbs, overripe citrus, indigenous fig, stephanotis leaf, ambrette seed, forest musks, angelica, basil, bergamot, cardamom, lemon, coriander, geranium, lavandin, pink berries, galbanium, juniper berry, spearmint, tarragon, laurel leaf.
  • 100 mL

    Designer Profile +

    Based in Los Angeles, Regime De Fleurs was founded in 2013 by longtime friends and collaborators, Alia Raza and Ezra Woods. Through their mutual love of flowers, perfume, and experimenting with exquisite natural flower extractions, the first collection of Regime De Fleurs took form. Blending cutting-edge science with rare natural aromas, storytelling, and art, Regime De Fleurs fragrances are at once unique, insightful, and addictive. 

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