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Gabriela Artigas

Gabriela Artigas founded her jewelry line in 2003 and now runs the company with her sister Teresita. Born and raised in Mexico City, she is influenced by the contemporary culture and diversity of Mexico's capital. Also, with  a strong design background in her family (their grandfather is a famous modernist architect and brother a furniture designer), Gabriela has developed a keep eye for style and beauty in the everyday. 

Gabriela Artigas' jewelry consists of a unique mix of minimal design, delicate gems, fine materials such as 14k gold & sterling silver, and bold architectural pieces. Her goal is to create effortless, "everyday statement jewelry," that can be worn from day to night, or "anywhere the adventurous modern woman might go."

The Gabriela Artigas line is based in Los Angeles, and all pieces are handcrafted in California. Pieces often come in limited numbers due to their artisanal and detailed production process.